Prophetic Worship

The Lord has given Seymour and Jurena Cook a Prophetic Mandate. This area has to follow The Word Of The LORD, like any other, which leaves us where? Do not let your own lips praise you, but the lips of another.. Therefore, we will have some of The Body describe their Understanding toward us as their brother and sister in this area..

Real covenant friends are rare in today's world but Seymour and Jurena Cook are true blue. An unusual approach to their prophetic calling makes them refreshing yet no less accurate and anointed. What faithful servants - a rare and rich blessing.

Micharel Howard
Kalibu Ministries

The Lord has blessed us in many ways through Seymour and Jurena Cook. Simply having fellowship with them has imparted gifting to us to see into the spirit realm more deeply.
Their ministry has also been accompanied by powerful signs. On one occasion while they stayed with us in Liverpool we had a pastor, Karim from the Ivory Coast, who was in the UK undertaking an educational course.
One evening we asked Pastor Karim to share what news he
had of his family and home. He reported sadly that his wife had told him
that day that a drought of several months meant that the family and
neighbours were walking miles each day to find single bottles of water. We
agreed to pray over a map of the region. Seymour prophesied to the weather
and called forth heavy rain. After praying we checked two international
weather websites, both of which were predicting 0% probability of rain
anticipated within a 10 day window, and no rain likely in the longer term -up to a month - for the entire west Africa region.
Only two nights later,Pastor Karim interrupted our conversation with loud laughter. He held the phone out to us, his wife was on the phone holding the phone up to her tin roof saying that the rain was coming down so hard that she could not hear him speak! She later said that the radio news report stated that if the rain continued as it was for a couple more days, the reservoirs would be full for the rest of the year. This was no ordinary rain!


John Manwell
Pastor of The Well, Liverpool
Chairman of Together for the Harvest (

Seymour and Jurena Cook are sound prophetic messengers in today’s world.  Their ministry is international.  Their prophetic message has touched the lives of many, inside and outside the Church doors, and people of different backgrounds and walks of life.  In a world of different denominations, interpretations, and opinions, it is refreshing to hear a message that undoubtedly comes from G_d.
Glorimar Blanco M.Ed.
Ridgeville, SC