Seymour and Jurena Cook have been pastoring for over 40 years. They started out early, working for a famed Television Evangelist by the name of Thea Jones, who is in the history books as one of many known to move in Miracles, Signs and Wonders, and was known throughout the US and Canada. Later they had their radio program called “By His Spirit”, which aired in the State of Pennsylvania. They were sent by the LORD to help a pastor, and wound up helping start the Apostolic Stream Movement in America, beginning with a Church in Cherry Hill N.J.. At the beginnings of Trans local ministry, the LORD said, “Move to Charleston, S.C. and pursue the Spirit of Unity among the Brethren. Messiah’s Church was released by the LORD at the end of that assignment beginnings, ongoing today.

     Seymour and Jurena both move and operate in the Prophetic, understanding the future, and are Carriers of His Glory. They have sincere hearts and a desire to raise up those who will choose Christ above all else. They have seen what a religious spirit has done to ravish the church and render her impudent. The desire is to be a people walking through the Word, restoring the Ancient foundations, and preparing the Church for what lies ahead. Jesus said His church would be powerful. He said, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out the demons, cleanse the leper. They desire to see the church take its place and be all that she was called to be.

    They are simply people with a mandate: To serve God’s people with the truth that they might be set free and fulfill being His called-out ones. Through the “grace of God, “ they have seen many people healed of many sicknesses and set free. They have seen God raise the dead, calling them back into life.

   Seymour Cook is the pastor of Messiah’s Church in Summerville, SC, and head of Mantle Church Ministries. He ministers in the Prophetic internationally over Nations, standing in the Sure Word Of The LORD as GOD’s Minister. He disciples men and women into what God has called them to. Every word he teaches trains each person how to walk with God, how to hear from God, and how to obey God. He brings Prophetic direction to willing hearts. God has gifted Seymour with the ability to bring each person into their next step in God. Seymour sees in the prophetic future from the Lord that comes to pass Within GOD’s time frame of Grace for the Journey. Jurena is an international worship leader and speaker. She has been a prophetic worshiper for over 40 years and has a true prophetic seer gift. The Lord has shown her future events that have come to pass, along with many things that have hit the mark of what God is saying to the Church. The Lord has seen fit to make Jurena and Seymour prophetic trumpets for these last days. “He who has ears to hear let Him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.”