The Visitations of Jesus


This is a story of our pastor and his wife.

The Lord took them on a faith journey in what we later learned was the fellowship of His sufferings. Seymour was diagnosed with a stage 3-4 Tumor. He had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He and his wife, Jurena, went through a tough time. Jurena and our congregation watched as their pastor seemed to wither away. Yet they never stopped ministering and stood on His word. They heard Jesus say, "He would heal Seymour."

Pastor Seymour died twice and came back. The second time, he was completely healed. This is a story of Jesus being King over their lives and the Church they pastor. They needed to walk out what the Lord spoke to them. And Jesus did as He said. Seymour was made completely whole.


Notice the dove of light on the monument. This monument was made of granite, which does not reflect light.

These pictures are from Seymour and Jurena's trip to Swansea, Wales, UK. They were visiting Moriah Chapel, where a great revival took place headed up by Evan Roberts. The Lord had opened Jurena's eyes so that she could see many things in the invisible places around us. She had a little doubt taking place in her spirit because the Lord showed her many things that were not visible to the naked eye. They were praying with a group that had brought them there, and she saw blueish swirls, looking like a cloud swirling all over the place. The Lord spoke to her to take pictures. He said," What you see will show up on camera." She had a digital camera (which will only take crisp, clear pictures, notice the clear and cloudy areas of the photos). Jurena began taking random pictures of Moriah Chapel. The images showed what she was seeing in the invisible realm. God's presence was still there all around that place and is still present today.

There have been many such things that the Lord has shown in Messiah's Church! All the glory belongs to the Lord, who has been gracious to us.